“ I found working with Nikki amazing. Nikki made me feel at ease straight away, I felt I could open up and really talk about everything. How we worked through everything each week really helped me. It made me understand a lot better how to deal with certain areas of my life. I will always be so grateful to Nikki for the help. I would definitely recommend Nikki to anyone in any situation, the sessions will really help you! ”  K. Bromley.

Nikki made me feel very comfortable from the start and helped me to make sense of what was going on for me. By the time I felt ready to finish therapy I felt stronger and more in touch with my feelings and my true self.  M. Bromley

A warm, friendly environment. Offered and tried a variety of different therapeutic techniques, which was helpful as it gave me choice and made me feel more comfortable to know i had options in my particular case. Still doing well a year on, using the tools and techniques learned. R. Bromley.


“Nikki was completely invaluable to me as a therapist. I quickly felt that I could trust and open up to her and she was very effective in creating a "safe space" for myself. No matter what I was going through after a session with her I would feel much better. Aside from this she is also a very understanding person, trying to be flexible as much as possible whether I wanted a last minute appointment or a quick chat on the phone. Can't recommend her enough! “ C. Bromley


“I can’t thank Nikki enough. The counselling has changed my life. It’s provided me with excellent coping mechanisms and confidence.  I felt so comfortable with her.  Would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is in crisis, have successfully recommended her to friends” ..L. Bromley


“Nikki was great to go and speak to when I felt like I needed some help. Her sessions are always warm and friendly in a relaxing and calm environment so it’s quite easy to settle in! She doesn't sit there with a clip board and pen nodding like what some may assume when it comes to counselling / therapy. She genuinely is listening to what you have to say and helps you better understand your own thoughts and anxieties so that you can learn to deal with them yourself - It genuinely is calm reflections! Nikki has helped me overcome so many personal struggles that I believed I could never overcome and for that I could not thank her enough. I don't use her regularly anymore as I've learnt how to deal with the downs as well as the ups however; I know I can pop in if ever I feel like I need to. Honestly couldn't recommend her enough”. A. Bromley


“The truth is, I have no idea where I would be if you weren’t there the day I couldn’t stop crying. I google for help and your name came up. I was looking to make an appointment. But you listened and then explained to what was happening. I had a clearer understanding.  I don’t know who I would be if there wasn’t a professional counsellor  who I respect so much (NIKKI) who was there to tell me that everything would be okay, or that things can only get better in time.

My thoughts that is a forever going battle since I am always changing. I’m seeing everything in a new outlook of life and I’m all ways going back to everything you have learned or explained to me.  I’m stronger in my mind than ever and I still feel that I have a long way to go but I believe this to be because of facing all my fears and speaking out for what is wrong and having a VOICE.  I have learned to understand life a little better; I have learned how to deal with situations that I never believed that a couple of years ago I could. 

After receiving help from Nikki and starting to feel stronger in my mind I started to feel scared to break away from her and that I would need her in my life forever but her words still come back to me. When I’m faced with situations and I have learned to understand things a little better than I believed I ever could.  There are still times when everything gets on top of me and I think of making a call to Nikki but I think it’s enough knowing she is only a call away and it’s unbelievable how far I have come in just a short time.  I’m growing in my own garden. I’m starting to live my life for me and learning how to live without feeling guilty for others mistakes.”  R. Orpington 


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Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington, south-east London Counsellor